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Escape the ordinary


The brand Nic and Friends started as a reaction to the lack of both masculine and gender neutral jewellery with a genuine touch of personality.

Cheap and mass-produced was of no interest to us. Nor was overpriced and luxurious. We were looking for something else. We wanted to find a different way to make contemporary jewellery, for the urban and the natural free spirits alike. For everyone who chose individuality before conformity, whether dressed in a suit or wearing shorts and a Tee. We wanted to create jewellery with a touch of timeless Scandinavian simplicity, in combination with a global recognition of personal significance. In the end, as it turned out, we had to travel to the other side of the world to find just what we were looking for. Small-scale independent craftsmen of fine silver goods, working with century old traditional methods and tools.


Our jewellery is designed by Nic & Friends in Sweden and handmade by our producer in asia.

Nic and Friends’ accessories are made for everyday use. With carefully selected quality materials, such as enduring, colour-safe waxed cotton and Sterling silver, our jewellery is all uniquely handmade and meant to last. The use of traditional production methods assures that no piece of jewellery is exactly the same. We can proudly say that all parts are authentically made by hand. After all – Why complicate things?

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